Ruishi Zou


Tongji University

Personal Statement

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I am now a senior student at Tongji University, majoring in Computer Science and Technology.

I am a pragmatist and want to see advances in CS applied, not benchmarked. In the wake of the booming AI technologies, I believe that we attach too much importance to the technological innovation of AI models for benchmarking, undermining everything else about AI that is equally important. Because of that, I am interested in topics that study the interaction between humans and AI, for example, in how AI systems can be applied to elicit knowledge discovery, promote social equality, or embedded in our everyday lives.

Currently, I am working on inspiring projects regarding visualization, digital accessibility and computer music. Looking forward, I am hoping to become a Ph.D. candidate, starting from Fall 2024. If you are interested in my work, please feel free to drop me an email.


  • Human Computer Interaction
    • Visualization
    • Computational UI
  • Interdisciplinary
    • Computer Music


  • B.E.(to be) in Computer Science and Technology, 2024

    Tongji University


All Scholar
Ruishi Zou, Zi Ye, Chen Ye. "iTutor: A Generative Tutorial System for Teaching the Elders to Use Smartphone Applications". (To appear in UIST 2023 Adjunct Proceedings)   Material
Qing Chen, Ying Chen, Wei Shuai, Ruishi Zou, Yi Guo, Jiazhe Wang, Nan Cao. "Chart2Vec: A Universal Embedding of Context-Aware Visualizations". (arXiv 2023)   Paper


Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab (iDVx)

Undergraduate Research Intern


Project Lead, advised by Prof.Ye



Chart2Vec: A Universal Embedding of Context-Aware Visualizations

Chart2Vec is an embedding model of charts, which converts visualizations into vectors.
Undergraduate Research Internship @ iDVx Lab, Tongji University, 2022-2023

Music Patterns and Music Models

Mining the music with machine learning and deep learning.
Spring & Summer project, 2023 (ongoing)

UI2Vec: A Multimodal Embedding Method for Robust UI Classification

Robust classification of UI pages can be a fundamental task in UI automation. UI2Vec proposes a seemingly valid idea which utilized multimodal embeddings to achieve robust classification of UI images (up to 95%).   Code
Research Spinoff of Multimedia Course Project, 2023

Data-driven Approach on Identifying Systemic Financial Risk

The systemic risk that a financial entity bears can be represented by capital shortfall or credit rating. In this project, we use MLs and graph-DLs to predict those indicators by constructing regression and classification problems.
Scored 87 / 100 in project defense.
Student research training project @ Tongji Fintech Lab, 2022-2023

Forest Orchestra - Interactive Conducting Game for Music Education

An interactive system allowing everyone to guide the play of a digital orchestra. Concept designed with care especially for children who are suffering from autism.
Won "Creativity Feature Award" in C4-HCI 2022! (top 4%, 47 / 1170)
China Collegiate Computing Contest: HCI innovation Competition, 2022


One extended abstract accepted to UIST 2023 poster track!

iTutor: A Generative Tutorial System for Teaching the Elders to Use Smartphone Applications

One paper released on arXiv!

Chart2Vec: A Universal Embedding of Context-Aware Visualizations

Won "Creativity Feature Award" in Collegiate HCI innovation Competition!

Topic - "Forest Orchestra: Interactive Conducting Game for Music Education".